About Us


Our journey began with a simple idea - to create an online destination where customers can discover and purchase high-quality gold plated jewellery from the comfort of their homes.

Aphrodite Aura grown into a trusted brand with a loyal customer base.

Aphrodite Aura was born from a vision to create more than just jewellery; we aim to craft symbols of empowerment and sophistication. Our founder, a passionate designer with a keen eye for beauty and detail, envisioned a brand that encapsulates the essence of luxury in every piece. Drawing inspiration from the goddess Aphrodite, the epitome of beauty and love, we embarked on a journey to create jewellery that not only adorns but also celebrates the wearer.



Our mission is to provide exceptional customer service and offer a diverse range of luxury jewelleries that cater to every taste and occasion.

Aphrodite Aura

We're a team of passionate jewellery enthusiasts who believe that a gold plated jewellery can make the difference in your day-to-day life.

Aphrodite Aura

In our pursuit of luxury, we remain committed to sustainability and ethical practices. We ensure that all our materials are sourced responsibly, and we continuously strive to minimize our environmental impact.